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The Place

Büchlberg, a government-approved health resort, is approximately 12 km north of Passau at the entrance to Europe's largest continuous forest region, the Bavarian Forest. In particular horseshoe findings and still today verifiable handicraft enterprises or guesthouses are still testifying the original path of the Goldener Steig (Golden path) through the parish Büchlberg. 1735 cooperator Sternbauer brought a Marienbild (picture of Virgin Mary) which has been rescued from the river Moldau to the little church of Büchlberg, where this far traveled picture was highly honored. So processions were even coming from as far as Bohemia and Austria to Büchlberg and the pilgrimage to the mother with the inclined head started.

In the middle of last century the industrialization of Büchlberg started. The company Kerber, the oldest stone pit company in the Bavarian Forest started mining for granite in Büchlberg. The high quality granite ashlars were delivered as far as Berlin. In 1972, however, the mine pit was shut down and the natural monument "Steinbruch" (natural lake) was founded.

Already very early on the growing importance of tourism was realized in Büchlberg. An early brochure from the year 1957 promoted already for "summer health resort Büchlberg" at the "Goldener Steig" (golden path). Today Büchlberg has been awarded state recognition as resort village.

Government-approved health resort 500 M.ü.M.

When jogging, playing tennis, hiking , mountain biking or enjoying the sun in the heated swimming pool (approx. 3 min. away from the hotel), this is a place to relax or recharge your batteries in the nature to regain strength and energy.