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Büchlberg is a genuine El Dorado for everybody who likes walking and hiking. Experience genuine nature, right in front of our house:

Whether in the nature protection area "Bergholz" directly in Büchlberg with its former stone pit or when following the natural pathway.

Very enticing is the hiking tour along the "Buchberger Leite". You follow one of the last mountain torrents in the Bavarian Forest. The starting point is close to Freyung, (driving time from Büchlberg by car 10 minutes).
Another alternative presents the "Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald" (National park), which is a must for everyone who likes the nature and is fond of hiking. A real experience, when the sun shines, but even when it rains.

The "Goldene Steig" (Golden Path). We will be happy to help you plan and implement your hiking tour. E.g. hiking without any luggage on the "Prachatitzer Steig, through Waldkirchen, Bischofsreut, Volary to Prachati or the "Winterberger Steig" via Fürsteneck, Röhrnbach, Kubova-Hut to Vimperk.